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•  Film commentaries

•  Talking books

•  Museum and exhibition tours and dramatizations

•  Charity appeals

•  Educational CDs

•  Commercial promotions

•  Safety announcements

If you are looking for a voice of authority and experience for your recording, a reassuring voice that has (to quote a press review) 'the warmth of a cello and the variety of timbres of an orchestra', the voice of an actor who has played principal rôles with some of England's leading theatre companies, fm Oxford may be able to help you.

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Recent voice-over engagements have included:

•  Centre Screen Productions, London and Manchester

•  TV Cible, Paris

•  Pierre Corby, Paris

•  Aldirande, Paris and Lille

•  ViewOn TV, Lille

   and two talking books

Please contact us if you’d like further information.