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Terms and conditions

1) Prices of our books, cassettes and CDs are clearly indicated on this Website. There is no charge for postage. We send out orders within twenty-four hours of receiving payment for them. We use the cheapest post for books, to save spending as much as half their value on postage; there may therefore be a delay of a few days, especially if your order comes to us by post. Please contact us if your order fails to reach you within a fortnight of being placed. Payment on this site is entirely secure. However, you can also give us your card details by post or over the telephone. Barclaycard ask us to discourage card details sent by e-mail.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make your payment to fm Books / Frazer & Montaigne. If your order is damaged in the post, return it to us as soon as you receive it, so that we can replace it free of charge. Our books, cassettes and CDs can also be bought or ordered at bookshops; they may take longer to reach you and, if you live outside the United Kingdom, bookshops may increase the price. You can also order our books from Amazon.

2) The payment procedure for our translations is set out in French on our Traductions du français en anglais page. Lorsque nous aurons terminé le travail, nous vous enverrons une partie de la traduction. Si vous en êtes satisfait, vous serez prié d'effectuer votre paiement ou par chèque (payable à fm Books / Frazer & Montaigne) ou sur ce site en passant en toute sécurité par le service de règlement PayPal. Votre paiement pourra également se faire directement à notre compte bancaire, dont nous vous fournirons les détails. Nous sommes prêts aussi à accepter les détails de votre carte bancaire par téléphone mais Barclaycard vous conseille de ne pas les envoyer par mail.   

3) Prices for our English and arts courses are for the current year. They are liable to change at the beginning of the following year, especially if the value of sterling seems likely to fall against other currencies. They are posted on this Website as soon as they are set, usually by mid-January. As explained on the English and arts courses pages, student fees come down as the number of pupils increases.

Students should be prepared to pay the full fees. If the price is reduced after the full fee has been paid, a refund will be made either during or immediately after the course. If a student cancels less than six weeks before the course begins, the deposit is not always refunded. If a pupil is forced to abandon the course, any refund is at the discretion of the School.

4) Our theatre tours, theatre workshops and illustrated talks normally take place every two or three years, though they are sometimes held during two consecutive years. It is impossible to set prices two or three years in advance. As soon as prices are decided, they are posted on this Website, usually six months to a year beforehand.


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We would like to thank those who provided other photos, including former members of our theatre company and former teachers and pupils at our Summer School.