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For those who would like to attend exactly the same English and drama course that we offer at Charlieu, with the same number of hours but at half the price or less, the School will come to the students instead of the students travelling to the School. (The Summer School at Charlieu / the ten-day course). There must be a minimum of five pupils, and a maximum of ten. The School may ask for help from its students finding a suitable space to hire for classes and rehearsals.

ParisDates and times of classes and rehearsals are arranged to suit the pupils. Courses can take place at Christmas or Easter, for example, or during half-term holidays. In a country like Spain, where work or studies sometimes begin early and end in the mid-afternoon, or start in the middle of the afternoon and end in the late evening, our course can be planned to fill the free half of the day.

MadridThe cost of seventy hours' tuition over a period of ten to fourteen days in the town where the pupils live decreases as a class reaches the maximum number of ten. For a group of five the current price per pupil is £595; for six the price is £560; for seven £525; eight £490; nine £455; ten £420.

A deposit of £50 should be paid with the enrolment form or not more than six weeks before the course begins, and the balance on the first day of the course. Payment can be made online here or by cheque. Please contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer.

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Please go to The Summer School at Charlieu / Enrolment form, where you will find an online form, with instructions.  Please see our contact page for the School's address, e-mail link and telephone number.

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The enrolment deposits are payable no later than 6 weeks before the course begins.

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