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Accommodation and meals

The Château de Tigny at Charlieu has been restored by a friendly English couple and turned into a beautiful home. Bed and breakfast are at the château, where each pupil has a single room. Lunch and supper are either at the School, in the dining-room or at tables in the garden, or in a nearby restaurant at the School's expense.


There is a group of excellent doctors at Charlieu, who will see patients without an appointment. Students are advised to take out a medical insurance policy before travelling.

Those from other EEC countries should ask for a signed form if they have to see a doctor, so that they can be refunded in their own countries.


Students not driving to and from Charlieu are advised to travel by air, coach or train to Lyon, which is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Europe. Members of the School staff will meet them there round the clock during the twenty-four hours before the course begins and drive them to Charlieu. They will be driven back to Lyon at any time on the day after the course ends.

Students are asked to let us know when and how they will be arriving, so that we can meet them. We need to know their arrival times even if they are not wanting to be met, so that we can pass the information on to the Château de Tigny. We will send maps to those making their own way.

Luggage and personal belongings should be insured, as the Summer School cannot accept responsibility for any loss not caused by its own negligence.

Fees and dates

Courses begin from the first Wednesday of July and normally at fortnightly intervals until the third week of August. Pupils are asked to arrive on the Tuesday before the course begins and depart the Saturday after it ends.

Fees include all tuition, all accommodation and meals, the excursion day, travel between Lyon and Charlieu. There are no extras. Pupils need have no expenses during their stay. The only cost not included is the journey between the student's home and Lyon (or Charlieu, if the student is not travelling via Lyon).

The cost of the ten-day course decreases as a class reaches its complement of ten. For a group of five the current price per pupil is £1070; for six the price is £1035; for seven £1000; eight £965; nine £930; ten £895. A pupil should be prepared to pay a total fee of £1070 but will probably find that it is reduced to £895 or £930. We are not able to accept a pupil for less than the ten days that the course lasts.

A deposit of £100 should be paid with the enrolment form or not less than six weeks before the course begins, and the balance no later than the first day of the course. We ask for prompt payment: the School does not keep large reserves and needs the fees to meet the expenses of the course.

Payment can be made online here or by cheque. Please contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer.

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The enrolment deposits are payable no later than 6 weeks before the course begins.

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