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Film-making, music, painting and drawing

We hope soon to offer a film-making course at Charlieu. A short film will be shot and edited digitally in time to be shown on the last day in front of a small audience.

We have two excellent grand pianos in our music-room, one of them a Bechstein. The course doesn't yet include music lessons but musical students are welcome to play the pianos. Those playing other instruments are encouraged to bring them.

Charlieu offers many possibilities for architectural drawing, from the eleventh century to the present day. A landscape artist could spend a lifetime in the surrounding countryside, with its woods and hills, its valleys and streams, its two rivers, the Sornin and the Loire, and the distant Monts de la Madeleine.

Charlieu, Bourges, Orange and Avignon

CharlieuCharlieu was a thriving town in Roman times: Carus Locus, beloved place. In the eleventh century it was one of the first towns to be affected by the remarkable reforms that spread throughout Christendom from nearby Cluny, whose Benedictine abbey, with its distinctive hexagonal tower, determined the architectural style of the thousands of churches and monasteries that were built between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries.

Charlieu's abbaye has a beautifully decorated Romanesque arch.  Many of the half-timbered houses date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Charlieu's Saturday market is as busy and colourful today as it was five hundred years ago. Willows line the River Sornin, which flows through Charlieu and is crossed by an ancient stone bridge.

Bourges Cathedral

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pont d'AvignonOn one day during the ten-day course pupils visit Bourges, whose thirteenth-century cathedral is one of the finest in Europe, seeing several Romanesque churches on the way, or travel south to Orange to visit the Roman theatre, amphitheatre and triumphal arch, then to Avignon to visit the fourteenth-century Orange Roman Theatre Papal Palace and of course see the famous pont d'Avignon.

Tennis and swimming

The Summer School has the use of tennis-courts and a swimming-pool for eight hours during the ten-day course.

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