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My Children! My Africa!  by Athol Fugard

with the Rainbow Theatre Company of Johannesburg

Theatre from Oxford is the name under which fm organizes theatre tours of Europe. The first tour took place in 1984. Until the turn of the century and the new millennium our principle was to choose outstanding plays in English that at the same time would provide interesting texts for study by the university students and sixth-formers who make up 60 per cent of our audiences: plays by Shakespeare, Shaw, Wilde, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Willy Russell. Our British and North American actors and actresses were among the best: many had worked with the Royal National Theatre or Royal Shakespeare Company.

Our standards remain the same, and the language is still English, but our policy has changed. We now tour plays set in Africa, Asia and Latin America and focusing on poverty, exploitation and injustice, with actors and actresses from the continents where the action takes place.

Athol Fugard has for half a century been South Africa's leading playwright. His plays, which for the past twenty years or more have been performed regularly at the National Theatre in London, were interrupted by police raids in Cape Town and Johannesburg under apartheid and had to be seen in secret. Athol Fugard is one of Africa's two outstanding playwrights, the other being the Nigerian Wole Soyinka, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986.

My Children! My Africa! is set shortly before apartheid ended. It begins mildly enough in a school classroom in a black township, where the teacher has organized a debate between one of his own pupils and a girl from the nearby school serving the affluent white community.

The play builds to a powerful climax, in which the frustration and anger of young South African Blacks leads inexorably to violence.

Our company will discuss the play with the audience after each performance. Spectators are urged not to miss this opportunity to ask our cast of black and white South Africans how much has changed in post-apartheid South Africa, where nearly all the rich are white still, where most black people still live in townships without electricity or running water and where, out of view of the authorities, white farmers still whip their black slaves.

We perform in anything from the school gym to the smartest theatre in town - wherever there is an interest in our work and our technical requirements can be met.

For dates, prices and other details, or to make a booking - please contact us.

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