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This course is based on the rehearsal of a short play, or condensation of a longer play, by an important English-speaking playwright. The play is studied in class in the morning or evening, rehearsed in the afternoon and performed in front of a small audience at the end of the course. Many pupils have made remarkable improvement in their English pronunciation and fluency, and have increased their vocabulary and built their self-confidence, as a result of this experience. See Theatre workshops / language learning.

The first afternoon is spent on the kind of exercises, games and improvisations used in the leading drama schools to stretch pupils' imaginations and, because the body is the actor's instrument, to make their bodies more supple and relaxed, their breathing more controlled and to open their voices. The pupils become less defensive and by the end of the first day there is always a strong feeling of unity within the group. The exercises and some of the games are repeated, a few at a time, every day throughout the course. See Theatre workshops / content.

Pupils should wear loose clothing for these activities; jeans and tight skirts are unsuitable.

As at Oxford, the Gala Evening is the climax of the ten days, when the play or plays are performed with costumes, props and music, musical students play their pieces and any paintings and drawings done during the

course are put on display.

See European Summer School of Arts and Languages at Oxford (ESSALO) / arts courses.

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