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English lessons are closely linked with pupils' other activities, with excursions to Stratford, London, Bath, Winchester, Salisbury, Stonehenge, but especially with the course in drama given by practising actors and directors. Students take part in short plays or condensations of longer plays by important English-speaking playwrights.

These are studied and rehearsed for three weeks and performed in a theatre in front of an audience at a Gala Evening at the end of the course. Many pupils have made remarkable improvement in their English pronunciation and fluency, and have increased their vocabulary and built their self-confidence, as a result of this experience. See Theatre workshops / language learning.

We offer students a choice between contemporary dance and physical theatre classes. The advantage of physical theatre is that it can exploit the themes of the plays being prepared, so adding a new dimension to rehearsals.

Music lessons are given in a wide range of instruments, sometimes by musicians with an international reputation. Our pianist and music director plays with some of the world's leading orchestras, at the Royal Festival and Wigmore Halls in London, on the Continent and in Japan and the United States. Music pupils perform their pieces at the Gala Evening at the end of the course, and the Summer School programme includes a recital by our MD and sometimes one by a well-established duo, trio or quartet. Concerts and recitals, and sometimes the Gala Evening, take place in the beautiful Holywell Music Room, the oldest music room in Europe, which serves the University and in which the composer Handel played.

One of the most enthralling projects at the Summer School is the twenty-minute film in which many of the acting students

take part. More technically minded pupils are given instruction in camerawork, scripting and editing and shoot and cut the film themselves. Past students treasure their memories of all-night sessions spent working on the rushes in a fully equipped 16mm cutting-room in London. The film is now edited in front of a computer in Oxford, and our pupils are home by midnight. It is completed in time to be shown at the Gala Evening at the end of the three weeks.

English and Arts Courses - The European Summer School of Arts and Languages at Oxford:

Arts Courses

The painting and drawing course is based on some of the many subjects of architectural beauty that Oxford offers the painter and draughtsman. Landscape painting, portraiture, still life, abstract and figure work are also included. Stimulating exercises, in synæsthesia for example, develop the painter's skills and imagination.

The Gala Evening is the climax of the three weeks and is held in a theatre on the final evening. Food and wine are served. Students bring the English families they have been staying with.

The plays pupils have been preparing are performed with costumes, props and music. The film is shown. Paintings and drawings done during the course are put on display. Pupils with a special talent for music play their pieces. The evening often ends with a dazzling display of flamenco or sevillanas by our Spanish pupils.

The Gala Evening sometimes lasts until nearly midnight but, because of the mood of celebration, the enthusiasm of the students and the high standard of their work, the audience never wearies or loses interest. The Gala Evening seals the spirit of community that has developed during the Summer School among our pupils.

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