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A major Western power and its allies are threatening to invade a Middle Eastern country, without the sanction of the United Nations. In an English country town a teenage brother and sister, refugees since early childhood from Palestine, live with their mother below the poverty line and struggle for social acceptance and an education that will allow their talents to flower. The bombs start to fall. Ali and Aïsha demand to know about the outrages to their father and grandparents that drove their mother from Palestine. The crisis polarizes the passions of the two teenagers: one turns to peace, the other to a more desperate solution.

The violence of war and the more subtle violence of unequal educational opportunities at home are ingeniously interwoven in this novel full of poignancy and humour, in which we see how the decisions of leaders at national and international level can influence personal relationships and individual lives.

Aïsha's Jihad received enthusiastic notices in England, Scotland, Switzerland and France, and on BBC Radio. The novel is as relevant today as when it was written. It has been enjoyed not only by adults but also by younger readers, who identify with the teenage protagonists: it was chosen as a set book for secondary schools in Switzerland.

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